Instituted 1884. Federated 1893.

Cupar Burns Club History

  Extracts from Minute book 1 –30th August 1893 - 27th Jan. 1959

Compiled By Tom Green, Hon.Secretary 2004 – 2008


This project started as a result of the Minute books Nos 1 and 2 being uplifted from the safe in the Fife Herald office to be lodged in the safe in the Burns Club Room in Cupar Corn Exchange. Handwritten entries in Book Number 3 ceased with the Minute of 6th January 2005, to be superseded  by computer generated minutes. It occurred to me that the contents of the books might prove of interest to fellow Burnsians as a record of the formation of the Club and its progress throughout the years. It was not intended that the record be verbatim but the originals are available for future work. It is planned to publish extracts from the books from time to time on our website.


No Minutes of Meetings appear to exist prior to the meeting of Promoters on 4th September 1893. It is possible such records may eventually be found  – good luck to future researchers. The handwritten Minute books on occasion have had extracts from Press and copies of the programmes for events inserted into the books. It is hoped that copies of matters of interest can be scanned into the digital version together with such photographs as may be considered of interest...............Tom Green March 2007


The Beginning

30th August 1893

Intimations in Fife Herald that it was intended to start a Burns Club for Cupar and District. Joint interim Secretaries D. Walker and L Berry

Invitations sent to attend Meeting on Monday 4th Sept. at 8pm

31st August 1893....Intimation in Fife Journal

2d September1893....Intimation in People’s Journal

4th September 1893...Meeting of Promoters of Cupar Eighty Burns Club

Comments in Fife News

9th September 1893.....Report on meeting of promoters reported in Fife News

Date of invitation to join/acceptance of offer. Sketch of Objects and Proposed Constitution.  Entry to Club fixed at 2s 6d and Annual Subscription 2s 6d.

29th Sept. 1893

Meeting of Promotion Committee of Cupar Eighty Burns Club. Elections: First President to be H.T. Anstruther, Vice-Presidents: Dr Douglas and Mr D. Leitch. Joint Interim Secretaries: Mr Walker and Mr Berry. Secretary/Treasurer: Mr Walker. Mr Berry appointed Chairman of the Committee.

60 gentlemen had joined the Club.